Integrating Logistics Processes in Practice Enterprises

Project results

1/ Benchmarking and Analysis Report

This produces a document reporting a general overview of the main outcomes and findings of benchmarking and best practices for currently used practical logistics training in partner countries and across the current PE networks. The main aim of the analysis consists in determining and defining indications for the most demanded logistic profiles and developing a common training methodology to implement logistics training in the PE approach in partner countries, also having in mind a EU perspective.

2/ Implementation Guide and Materials  

The guide is conceived as an operating tool supporting VET schools providing logistics training within the PE, to cooperate in arranging and implementing the methodology within a school context.

3/ Trainers Training

In order to facilitate the teachers/tutors work regarding the logistical simulation activity and to develop the necessary competencies for planning and running Logistics PEs we will provide a Train-the-Trainer program.

4/ Practice Enterprise Piloting Experience

Pilot experiences will be realised within the Belgian and Spanish VET schools involved as project partners. According to the guide and teachers training, the national central offices for PEs assist the schools in organising and implementing the PE logistics training piloting.

5/ Piloting Evaluation and Report

The report on testing contains not only general and comparative conclusions on the results of testing as carried out in the piloting schools, but, outlines indications for the improvement of the learning methodology and suggestions for sustainability and transferability of the Practice Enterprise logistics learning approach within the school programmes and also in other school contexts.